Raegan (transmutable) wrote,

There is too much tv.

I need to finish Bleach, or at least catch up to the dub. Then I was just getting into the 10th Doctor, and I keep almost spoiling myself for Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures so there's ALL of those to see, plus I missed last season's L&O:CI episode which means I was boggled by the one last Sunday, so that's another two hours. And then I'm itching to watch Firefly again, which reminds me to finish Buffy, because it's Buffy and Joss and I'm only in season 2/3 (I forget). Which leads into Angel, which is more Joss which is <3, and then there is this new Joss show called Dollhouse? Apparently it premiered already but I don't know on what channel.

Combined with my need of a second job (which I still don't have) so I can pay Marian so they let me take classes next year, this is a pickle.
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