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I think my problem with all the Scooby-Doo made-for-tv movies is that they require the gang to be dumb for at least twice as long. It's one thing to build a functioning-malfunctioning-trap after thirty minutes of sleuthing, another for them not to get it in an hour when they have been doing this FOR TWENTY YEARS. Plus everyone does a Scooby-Doo voice, and it's awful.
Damnit, and I really wanted a black hole.

Jul. 10th, 2008

I find it ironic that I paid three times as much for accessories (Super Smash Brothers, Twilight Princess, a 2nd controller, and a memory card) than I did for my 30$ gamecube. But I don't care. After nearly killing myself three different ways biking to the mall to get the right power cord (someone in Kentucky can't read the difference between 'Nintendo Gamecube' and 'Sony Playstation 2'), I played video games for a good 5 hours. SSBM is addictive, and will be better once I finish unlocking characters and find someone to play with. Twilight Princess is really, really fun. Kind of a lot.

Even if Link looks more like a husky than a wolf.

Meme Who? - Quote Doctor Who Meme

Or, one of my favorite television quotes ever. After the opening to Law and Order and just before "Big Damn Heroes."

Nine: Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once, everybody lives!
-Part two of the gas mask virus one.

Addendum: New journal layout, from thefulcrum. Better than the crappy one I tried myself four years ago, Y/Y?

Salmon Mystery, Part Solved

Now I'm just doing it on purpose.

ETA: Not thirty seconds after this went up, I was salmoned again. Ahahaha, it totally works.

An Entire AIM Conversation

LifeLikeSalmon:Hope you have a happy holiday.
Multiply7by6: ?
LifeLikeSalmon: who is this
Multiply7by6: you im'ed me buddy
LifeLikeSalmon: um no i didnt... goodbye

His font was also largish and gray. If any one knows this character, WTF?

Jun. 14th, 2008

There is too much tv.

I need to finish Bleach, or at least catch up to the dub. Then I was just getting into the 10th Doctor, and I keep almost spoiling myself for Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures so there's ALL of those to see, plus I missed last season's L&O:CI episode which means I was boggled by the one last Sunday, so that's another two hours. And then I'm itching to watch Firefly again, which reminds me to finish Buffy, because it's Buffy and Joss and I'm only in season 2/3 (I forget). Which leads into Angel, which is more Joss which is <3, and then there is this new Joss show called Dollhouse? Apparently it premiered already but I don't know on what channel.

Combined with my need of a second job (which I still don't have) so I can pay Marian so they let me take classes next year, this is a pickle.
So I go to read my friend's page today, cuz you know I stalk you all, and I read it. Very interesting lives you all have. Only, I can't read all about it as I can't go to earlier entries in my friends' page. There's no link. WTF? Is this some kind of punishment for being a bad-LJ'er and having the ad-free account? I do know they hate that.
I play this stupid browser game called Billy vs.SNAKEMAN. Yes, in caps like that. Anyway, it's surprisingly addictive and fun, especially if you're familiar with Naruto/Bleach/Death Note which it parodies in varying degrees. I get stuff if you click (once per IP) and even more if you play. So help me out, if you can.
My grandfather died two weeks ago. At the age of 93, while still a loss, his death is was a celebration. A hundred and fifty people came to his funeral. That's incredible considering they haven't lived here long and quite frankly have outlived most of their friends. He was a train engineer, a soldier in WWII (he raised the flag on Iwa Gima, just like they raised the flag on every army base ever) worked for the post office, drove trucks over a million miles without an accident, and played Santa Claus for the entire town of Fond du Lac.

I'm not really in mourning because for the past six years, I've had the same five minutes with him. It doesn't really bother me; it doesn't change the fact he was one of the nicest, gentlest men I've ever met in my life, with a carefully understated sense of humor.

It is, however, literally killing the rest of the Walters.


Two days ago my grandmother had a heart attack (minor, she's fine and back home, although disappointed this means our trip North to the Casino Where I Can Gamble has been canceled) and last night my aunt discovered some sort of infection (somewhat less minor, she's on pills and sleeps a lot and makes me wash her sheets and make her bed).

Who wants to take bets on what I come down with?